...because every picture tells a story.

What do all sessions include?

>> Professionally enhanced images

>> Online gallery for viewing, sharing & downloading

>> High resolution images with printing rights



What is included in my session?

It depends on which type of session you select but all sessions include at least 55 + (meaning 55 or more) images. I always say + because I never leave out an image that's good. If your child made four sweet but slightly different faces in a row, I would include all them. So you could receive way more as well!

What do I wear, I need help!

When in doubt, neutrals!! Soft or rich colors versus vibrant translate better but there are excepts. I always tell my families to pick a print or pattern and work off the colors of that piece. Make sure your prints have details as big as a quarter so they show up on camera :) Lastly, flowy is always a good idea, just make sure you have some shape around your waist area! 

How do I book?

Once we have a date and package I will send over an agreement to review and sign. After that I just require a 50% retainer to hold the date.

When is the best time to take maternity photos?

I want you to feel beautiful, confident and comfortable so it depends on you but I would say ideally between 32 - 35 weeks.

When should I take newborn photos?

Between 3-10 days after birth is ideal, the sooner the better so the baby stays nice and sleepy!

How do we plan for a Fresh 48?

Since we might not have a set date for your birth, we would use your due date. We would then stay in touch until the baby comes and I would come in within the first 48 hours to capture all those fresh little details in the hospital. (These are by far my fave)

Do you offer a discount for booking two or more sessions?

Yes, it depends on what packages you are booking together, so definitely let me know your interested!

How do I receive my images?

I will send you a link to your gallery where you can view, download and share so others may download. Your gallery will be available for 2 weeks before it expires.

When will I receive my images?

All sessions are a 14-21 day turnaround, except during holiday season where it can vary.


Do you offer mini sessions?

Currently I am offering mini sessions year round as long as I have availability and it is within 15 miles.

Do you have a safe distance protocol?

Yes, I have a mask with a filter as well as a face shield that I can wear depending on your comfort level.


What you should know about me:

  • I will 100% call you mama & dada the entire session

  • I will absolutely embarrass myself to make your child laugh (which usually gets you to laugh in the process)

  • I will probably ask you to step away from your littles so I can take a picture of just the two of you

  • Lastly, I will friend you on IG and like, comment and reply to your photos and IG stories of your littles growing up!


I was definitely meant to be a photographer but more than that, I was meant to be a Mama. I also went to school because I wanted to be a third grade teacher. I say this because I love working with kids, I love getting them to smile whether they are 6 months old or 12 yrs old and are at the age where they think pictures are silly. I'm here not just to take pictures and go off to the next family, although mini sessions tend to feel that way, I want to create relationships with you and your family. Hopefully to have your kids know me and in turn be comfortable when it's time for the next session.

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or for more information. Hope to meet and chat soon!

Kindest Regards,